The Man Overboard – Rescue Raft (MOB-RR) is a small rescue raft which shall be free fall launched from the bridge wing and which shall increase the possibility of a person in the water to survive.

The MOB – Rescue Raft is stored in high quality stainless steel frame which is fixed on the bridge wing or any suitable position onboard. Raft container is holded in frame by electronic release unit.

MOB-RR launching is performed by pressing remote push button inside the bridge. There is also possible installation of multiple remote push buttons to allow launching e.g. from the ship’s main deck remotely.

After pressing the push button the rescue raft is launched and inflated automatically on the sea surface within 15 seconds.

285 seafarers falling overboard per year

83 lose their life.

How does Mob Rescue Raft work

Main disadvantages of current recovery system

  • Problematic identification of MOB in the sea (when bad weather, reduced visibility etc.);
  • Thermal protection is missing (MOB situation most probably appear during a bad weather conditions and bad weather mostly appear in cold regions);
  • No solution for restricted visibility (smoke and light are not effective in this conditions);
  • Problems with launching of rescue boats (swell and waves alongside vessel);
  • Problems with recovering of rescue boats (swell and waves alongside vessel);
  • Problems with communication between the vessel and MOB (MOB cannot communicate with the vessel even when the vessel is in his sight – psychological effect);
  • Command of the ship which is rescuing the survivor is under heavy time stress, because survivor is all the time exposed to sea environment without any protection and can be simply lost from the ship’s sight.

The main danger of survival at sea

  • Open sea conditions as wind and wave (drowning)
  • Sea water temperature (hypothermia)
  • Air temperature (hypothermia)
  • Low visibility and/or darkness (visual contact survivor)
  • Heavy weather (rescue boat launching not possible)
  • Sea life (animals)

High-end rescue raft

designed by experienced Seafarers

Thanks to the AIS transmitter and a VHF handheld it is possible to see liferaft on the radar and the person in the MOB-RR can communicate with all ships around. Also, the complete liferaft with the person inside can be retrieved from the water by connecting the lifting sling with any crane hook, davit hook or other heaving line.

Always ready to deploy

and rescue the seafarer

The Mob Rescue Raft significantly increases the probability of rescuing a seafarer from the sea thanks to the wide equipment and tools on Mob Rescue Raft. Main advantage is, that the seafarer can enter to the liferaft and is out of the water. The possibility of hypothermia is reduced as well as the other dangers of the environment.

Onboard installation – launching and equipment

The installation of MOB-RR is not complicated. One push button for each raft to be installed on the navigational bridge. The push buttons are connected to raft by one electric cable only.  Additionally there is possibility to instal another push button on the main deck as quick access button for personnel working on the deck. Rescue raft to be installed on port side and starboard. 

MOB Rescue Raft system is power supplied from bridge emergency power supply system (18-32 V). The MOB-RR launching frame is fixed to ship by stainless steel bolts.


The MOB Rescue Raft is equipped with:

  • The AIS personal locator which is capable to accurately localize the rescue raft together with survivor during any weather conditions.
  • The portable Marine VHF Radio with external batteries pack. Hand-held radio allow to survivor communicate with the mother ship or with ships in the vicinity of distress position.
  • The Thermal Protective Aid to warm up the survivor and  reduce the possibility of hypothermia during cold hydro-meteo conditions.